Temp File Cleaner

Temp File Cleaner 3.0

An efficient free tool that wipes away all the temporary files in your drives
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Temp File Cleaner is a straightforward free tool that will wipe away all the temporary files stored in your drives. It focuses on your Internet temporary files, the Windows update cache and Windows temporary directories, your user’s temporary files, as well as your cookies, recent files, and history. Thus, it not only frees up valuable disk space for you, but also safeguards your privacy.

The program does what it says it does in a simple and efficient way. Its simple interface is intuitive and easy for anyone to move around. The only choice you need to make refers to the type of temporary files you want to get rid of. Once the different groups have been selected, Temp File Cleaner will jump into the cleaning process without further ado. Note that the program will delete all the files you selected without marking them first, or asking for any confirmation, so you are advised to think carefully which temporary files you want to get rid of before clicking on the “Clean” button.

It comes in a ZIP file that requires no installation, making it a neat portable and compact tool that you can easily carry with you and execute in your laptop or any other computer.

Francisco Martínez
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